Let me tell you about my journey to relief

In trying to find relief for my migraines, which would last up to 8 days in a row and return every 2-3 days, I exhausted numerous methods of treatment. I tried diet changes, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, narcotic pain killers, beta blockers, anti-depressants, Topamax, Zomig, many nights in the ER getting IV fluids and medications, and finally self-administered shots of Toradol and DHE ‑‑ but I had no relief. I had basically given up my life other than work. I could no longer exercise, eat chocolate, drink wine, eat pizza, sleep late, get up too early, get too hot or be in bright places or many other wonderful things without getting a raging migraine. I spent many hours in the bathroom over the toilet, sick. Then, I was recommended to Dr. Matthews Gwynn by another doctor for the possible treatment of my extreme and recurring migraine headaches.

I find Dr. Gwynn to be thorough and personable. He greets me at the door of the waiting room himself. How many doctors do that? He treated my migraines with Botox® injections on my second visit after an extensive questionnaire and interview. I paid for the first treatment out-of-pocket because it was not approved by the FDA or my insurance. A short time after my initial treatment, the FDA approved Botox® as a treatment for migraine headaches and before my next treatment, my insurance had approved my treatment under my plan. While I do still have an occasional breakthrough headache, I have been headache-free more days in a row with less severe migraines which are controllable with medication I can administer. Thanks to these treatments, I have been regaining my life. I am exercising again and having wine and cheese on Friday nights with my husband.

Dr. Gwynn has trained many physicians in his method for migraine treatment and is considered one of the premiere doctors in the usage of therapeutic Botox® injections. Getting the injections is a little painful, but this far outweighs the pain of even one migraine. If you can’t tell already, I highly recommend him.

If you are suffering from migraine headaches, I recommend making the call. If this method works for you, I assure you it’s worth not being able to raise your eyebrows and having a heavy head for a week or two.

Thanks Dr. Gwynn.


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