Writer's Cramp

I am a police officer and noticed about 5 years ago that while I was writing my hand had real bad tremors. It got so bad that one day I was working an accident and the young lady I was working the wreck on saw my hand shaking and said, "Boy you must really be nervous since your hand is shaking so bad." That really embarrassed me and made me realize I had to do something.

I went to my local neurologist and he said it was a nerve pinching in my neck and would require surgery one day but not until it got to where I was dropping things. In my job I could never let something get that bad.

I went to a second neurologist who had no idea what was wrong and he pretty much told me so. I went to another thru my brother-in-law who referred me to Dr. Gwynn.

When I saw Dr. Gwynn he recognized it immediately as "dystonia" or writer's cramp. He told me that it would require me to take injections of
Botox® every three to four months but that it should help.

I have been seeing Dr. Gwynn ever since, which is about 4 years and it has helped me tremendously. My hand writing improved dramatically and I am not embarrassed anymore to write an accident report in front of people.

Thanks Dr. Gwynn,

Michael P. Mansour

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