Hi! My name is Cheryl Sloan. I would like to explain my history, the reason why I get Botox® injections, and how it has worked for me.

About 11 years ago in 1988, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I received some damage to my right shoulder/neck area. The damage I received caused me to have a constant sharp stabbing pain that would never go away. The more I would use my right arm the worse the pain would get. I was seen by some doctors after my wreck. They ran some tests and stated that I had a muscle spasm. I then started physical therapy. I did this for a couple of months along with receiving some cortisone injections. I still had pain. The doctor told me that this would be something that I would probably have to live with. They had nothing else to do. I guess I would just have to accept that. I did for about two years. I then started to work at a doctors office. I thought someone that I worked with could help me. I could not live with this pain. I was horrible. There had to be something that could be done. I was then sent for more tests. I had MRIs and CT scans and X-rays where they injected dye into my spine. These revealed that I had a slight bulge between the C-4 and C-5 or somewhere in that area. I was then put on muscle relaxers. This did not work. The pain was still horrible. It was getting to the point where I could hardly lift my arm. It would get weak and tired. Over the next 6-7 years I would see different doctors and have different things done. I had trigger point injections, cortisone injections again, and epidural injections into my spine. Nothing worked. I was willing to do anything, but there was nothing. The pain was getting so intense that I would get bad headaches and backaches. I went in July of 1998 to see another doctor. I explained to him what was going on and everything I had already been through. He told me about this new drug that they had for people with chronic pain. He told me I would be a good candidate to have this done. He explained to me that it was injected into my muscles. I told him I did not care what they did, if it would help I would do it. So I did. I scheduled an appointment in August with Dr. Gwynn at Atlanta Neurology. I explained to him about my problem. He then explained to me about
Botox®. How it works, what it does, and what he does. I was all for it. I received my first set of injections. By the 3rd day I had no pain. It was great! For almost 11 years I had this horrible pain and after 3 days of one set of injections I had no pain. However, in September I started to experience some pain on the left side. I went back to my doctor. He told me that I probably have had the pain on that side, I just never paid attention to it because of the intense pain I had on my right side. So he sent me back to Dr. Gwynn. In October I received injections of Botox® on the left side. By the 3rd day the pain was gone. It is now January and the pain has come back. I went back in for my 2nd injection on each side. Here it is the 3rd day and no pain. I love it. As long as this works and as long as my insurance will cover it I will definitely continue to get this. Botox® works!

Thank You,
Cheryl Sloan

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