Three and one half years ago I began to notice a jerking of my head. Usually my head would pull to one particular side. It got worse and I also began to have bad pains in my neck.

I went to my family doctor and he suggested that I see a neurologist. I went to a neurologist that diagnosed me with Spasmodic Torticollis. For the next two years this neurologist prescribed so much medication for me that it made me want to sleep all the time. I had no desire to get out of the house or do anything productive. My whole family was being affected by my condition. My quality of life was like a living nightmare.

My husband insisted that I go to another neurologist for a second opinion. That is when I made my first appointment to see Dr. Gwynn. He immediately began
Botox® injections and also began to cut back on all the medications that I had been taking. Very quickly, I began to feel better and the jerking of my head had almost stopped.

Three months later I went for my second appointment to receive my second
Botox® injection. After that I was so much better. I was feeling like myself again. I was getting out of the house every day and doing things that I had always enjoyed before.

Last month I went for my three month check-up. Dr. Gwynn said I was doing so well that he did not need to give me another
Botox® injection. At this time he also took me off all medications.

We're not sure if there is a need for more
Botox® injections in the future. But right now I am very happy to report that I feel like a new person and life is GREAT!!!

Pam Kittrill

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