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Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

An independent medical evaluation (IME) is an objective, third-party medical examination performed by an unbiased and highly qualified physician.

An IME can be requested by insurance companies, benefits providers, human resource managers, attorneys, or employers. It is conducted when an individual has been injured and requires third-party documentation to verify the extent of their injuries and often used to confirm or deny benefits, coverage, or settlements to the individual. The conclusions of the report can also provide steps for safe return to work procedures for employers to follow.

The primary purpose of the evaluation is for the physician to assess the medical symptoms related to the accident, injury, or illness. The doctor will evaluate the ability to function and respond physically and/or mentally to various tasks thereby making recommendations or restrictions on ability to perform daily activities at home, work, and in recreation. The physician provides the requesting party with a written report of findings and opinion of disability.